Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) helps stop threats

GREEN BAY, WI, December 11, 2017. As cyber threats continue to evolve and become a daily concern, most organizations are examining tools and strategies they can use to best protect their organizations without breaking the bank.  Up to this point, sophisticated tools such as SIEM have been out of reach for small and midsize companies, and the resources to manage them are unavailable or unaffordable.

To bring clients the best in cybersecurity and IT compliance, SRC Technologies has partnered with EventTracker, a leading provider of security intelligence technology and advanced threat protection. EventTracker brings advanced solutions to more effectively detect and remediate threats to networks and streamline compliance reporting. EventTracker simplifies SIEM to analyze event data in real-time and collect, store, investigate and report on log data for incident response.

“We are excited about our new partnership with EventTracker,” stated B.J. Havlik, President, CEO of SRC. “We have seen a growing demand for SIEM tools, but the resources needed to manage SIEM are out of reach for most of our clients.” The EventTracker solution includes a security operation center that provides 24/7/365 eyes on glass.  This is a game changer for many businesses.

 Three Reasons to Consider Adding SIEM to Security Tool Boxes

The IT security game is constantly changing, so it’s always time for companies to rethink their strategy.  Here are three reasons to consider SIEM:

  1. Compliance and regulations are here to stay: Most companies consider investing in SIEM to help meet compliance and regulation requirements. SIEM tools help compile the information needed and provide standard reports to help meet requirements. This can save significant time and money compared to doing the task manually, not to mention provide better security. Even if businesses aren’t subject to regulations, the same data can be used to communicate with customers and partners that they are safe doing business with a particular organization.
  2. Threats are getting smarter: Advanced persistent threats and zero-day vulnerabilities, just to name a couple, are evolving every day. Anti-virus and firewalls alone cannot protect businesses from this new wave of cyberthreats.  SIEM provides another layer of security that can help keep organizations up to date on what’s coming their way.
  3. Reinforcements have arrived: For SIEM to be more than just a reporting tool for compliance, resources are needed to manage it, train it and mold it to work for businesses. These resources are rare and come at a premium.  Some SIEM tools are now including the necessary resources, providing a shared resource model that significantly reduces the cost but supplies the extra eyes on an environment that are needed.

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About SRC: SRC Technologies is located in Green Bay, WI.  With over 20 technology professionals, SRC provides consulting and management to midmarket companies for their IT infrastructure and data security needs. This enables IT to enhance business performance. SRC is a strategic partner of EventTracker and utilizes EventTracker’s technology to deliver managed SIEM solutions that enhance the data protection needs of today’s midmarket and enterprise businesses.

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About EventTracker
EventTracker's security intelligence platform protects enterprises and small businesses from data breaches and insider fraud, and streamlines regulatory compliance. EventTracker unifies SIEM, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, behavior analytics, a Honeynet deception network and other defense-in-depth capabilities within a single management platform. The company complements its state-of-the-art technology with 24/7 managed services from its global security operations center (SOC) to ensure organizations achieve desired outcomes—safer networks, better endpoint security, earlier intrusion detection and relevant and specific threat intelligence.

EventTracker is a Netsurion company, a leader in remotely managed IT security services that protect multi-location businesses' information, payment systems and on-premise public and private Wi-Fi networks.