By B.J. Havlik, President and CEO

On April 15th, SRC Technologies will celebrate its 10th year in business, and as we approach this important milestone in our company history, I am both proud and humbled by the support we have received from our customers, our partners, and of course our valued employees.

Today, as I reflect on the past 10 years, I credit our success as a company to the fact that we understand one very simple truth: The single thing customers want most from an IT solution provider is improved business performance.

Technology itself has certainly changed significantly over the past decade. But, if you peel back the technology layers and all the hype around each “next-best-thing,” I’ve realized that, the more things change, the more they stay the same. As a solution provider, there are some core tenets about what clients want, and understanding and delivering on those tenets is what has made SRC Technologies successful.

One of the things we have done really well at SRC is that we know our clients’ businesses. And we know that the efficient management of their IT infrastructure leads to better availability, more secure systems, and the delivery of performance metrics at a level that will exceed their expectations. Businesses want to increase their bottom lines, and if IT can keep its balance by staying focused on the value and importance of managing the IT function properly while also driving projects that increase business-critical capabilities, then technology can and will deliver a higher level of productivity and efficiency that ultimately leads to growth.

Working in the technology industry, we know how easy it is to get swept up in a new technology – let’s face it, some advancements are so interesting and amazing that it’s hard to resist giving them a try. But we also know, to help our customers achieve their goals and to surpass their expectations, we need to resist that urge and develop a solid business case before we advise a client to make any new IT investment. And, as we have built SRC into the thriving solution provider business it is today, we’ve taken our own advice, adding the right combination of IT services and solutions that will benefit our clients and increase their trust and reliance on us as a valued partner.

With an expanding roster of loyal customers throughout the region, we have recently increased our services portfolio and made a significant investment in new security offerings to give our mid-market managed security clients higher levels of protection via an as-a-service delivery model. Needing more space to accommodate our growth, we relocated to a new Green Bay office late last year, a move which gave us a more central location from which to service clients located throughout the Midwest states as well as the space for personnel to remotely service and manage IT for clients nationwide.

As I reflect on the journey we’ve taken over the past 10 years, I think it’s also important to note that SRC has created a culture that reflects our individual and very personal core values.  We give back to our community in many meaningful ways, and we have created an organization where each employee knows “we’ve got their back,” a feeling that empowers them to make decisions and be bold in the ways they service clients every day.  Each person who works here is valued for their individual contributions, but they are also keenly aware that they are an integral part of a larger whole, and knowing that as well as what our mission is has helped us move forward together and develop the kind of solutions, support and customer service clients are happily surprised to receive.

So, while technology has changed dramatically in these past 10 years, some things have remained constant throughout this time. Employees want to be valued and part of something bigger than themselves.  And customers want a solution provider that isn’t held hostage by contracts and service level agreements (SLAs) – a true IT partner that can be flexible and adapt to what they need on the fly, helping them implement and utilize technology to create a higher level of productivity and efficiency that ultimately leads to growth.  At SRC, that’s what we work to deliver each and every day.

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