Solution Provider Marks Its 10th Year Anniversary Helping Clients Embrace the Technological Best Practices that Lead to Improved Productivity and Growth

GREEN BAY, Wis. – April 10, 2018 – While working for a global marketing research firm that relied heavily on technology solution providers, B.J. Havlik discovered something important. He realized that obtaining the right levels of attention and service from those IT solution providers was often challenging. He attributed this to inflexible contracts that prevented these firms from learning about their clients’ needs and making on-the-fly adjustments that could have exceeded customer expectations. Instead, their contractual obligations left them falling short, and he believed a better model could be created. Shortly thereafter, Havlik and a group of eight colleagues founded SRC Technologies (, the regional IT infrastructure, data security consultancy and managed service provider Havlik manages today as president and CEO.  SRC Technologies will celebrate its 10th anniversary on April 15th, and Havlik credits the company’s decade of client success to understanding the single thing customers want most from an IT solution provider: improved business performance.

“Over the course of the last 10 years, technology has changed significantly, but if you peel back the technology layers and all the hype around each ‘next-best-thing,’ you’ll find that, the more things change, the more they stay the same,” Havlik says. “As a solution provider, there are some core truths about what clients want, and understanding and delivering on those tenets is what has made SRC Technologies so successful. One of the things we have done really well at SRC is that we know our clients’ businesses. And we know that the efficient management of their IT infrastructure leads to better availability, more secure systems, and the delivery of performance metrics at a level that will exceed their expectations. Businesses want to increase their bottom lines, and if IT can stay focused on the value and importance of managing the IT function properly, then technology can and will deliver a higher level of productivity and efficiency that ultimately leads to growth.”

While the heart of what customers want in a solution provider relationship hasn’t changed over the past decade, Havlik readily acknowledges the technologies solution providers are deploying have undergone a dramatic transformation.  SRC Technologies was founded in 2008, the same year that “the cloud” went mainstream, marking the start of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) sales channel1. Another market-changing shift was the move from Microsoft Exchange to Office 3652, something which kicked off in force in 2012, and with it the idea that hosting and managing email was something that could be provided remotely, foreshadowing the IT-as-a-service-broker model to be born about two years later.3 Another important sea change in recent years was the introduction of the Cisco Meraki toolset which allows solution providers to deliver remote network management services for their clients via the cloud.

No matter how exciting a new technology or tool is, however, Havlik maintains that solution providers and their clients alike must still build a compelling business case before investing in a new IT solution. With a keen focus on this important tenet, Havlik says, “Don’t be swayed by articles or conversations that focus on the hype; listen to the hype and learn from it, but do your own due diligence to determine how this technology – whatever the ‘next big thing’ is – will deliver a higher level of productivity and enhance the business performance of the organization.  Successful implementations that exceed customer expectations come back to that core tenet every time.”

SRC’s significant growth over the past 10 years has proven Havlik right. With an expanding roster of loyal customers throughout the region, the company has recently increased its services portfolio and made a significant investment in new security offerings to provide its mid-market managed security clients higher levels of protection via an as-a-service delivery model. Needing more space to accommodate its growth, SRC relocated to a new Green Bay office in Q4 2017 giving it a more central location from which to service clients located throughout the Midwest states as well as the space for personnel to remotely service and manage IT for clients nationwide.

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About SRC Technologies

SRC Technologies, a regional managed service provider (MSP) headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, offers IT infrastructure and data security consulting and management to midmarket organizations. For nearly a decade, SRC has focused on exceeding client expectations by delivering targeted, responsive solutions and services that meaningfully improve business performance. Through strategic partnerships with Cherwell, Datto, Dell EMC, Kaspersky, LogicMonitor, LogRhythm, KnowBe4, and EventTracker, SRC ensures client infrastructures are secure, available and operating at peak performance. For more information, visit (12-31-08) The 10 Most Important Technology Developments of 2008

2PCWorld (7-22-12) Three Reasons You Should Switch to Office 365

3Press Release (8-8-13) Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014