The pace of business today along with the evolution of the digital enterprise requires IT to take a much more active role in realizing business objectives.  IT can no longer function as a support staff in the shadows.  They need to be actively participating in projects that contribute to business results.  This shift in requirements has changed the mindsets of many IT leaders, who are now interested in seeking outside help for non-strategic IT tasks such as managing the infrastructure.

Challenges & Benefits:

In addition to reallocating IT staff for better efficiency, managed services also addresses the following challenges IT faces in many organizations:

  • Need for focused attention on heightened security concerns
  • Move toward a more automated environment
  • Leverage ITIL standards
  • Delivering on service level agreements
  • High turnover in IT resources and costs to rehire
  • Keeping up with technology trends
  • Moving to as-a-service offerings
  • Managing day-to-day IT emergencies
  • Improving internal customer satisfaction

The benefit to resolving these challenges results in streamlined IT department that utilizes a combination of people, tools and processes to deliver success.


  • Infrastructure Management as a Services – Complete management of your IT infrastructure combined as one services
  • Server Management – Monitoring and management of your Windows server environment, on-site or in cloud environments
  • Storage Management – Monitoring and management of your storage environment, on-site or in a cloud environment
  • Network Management – Monitoring and management of all network devices
  • End-Point Security Management and Patching - Management of the security for all of a company’s end-points and patching.
  • Back-up Management - Management of data back-ups to onsite appliance that is supplied by SRC as part of the overall service
  • Disaster Recover - includes design of DR plan, management and testing
  • Infrastructure Monitoring – monitoring and alert notification services

Co-Managed Infrastructure Services

Why SRC:

For organizations looking to improve their service delivery and provide more value to the organization, SRC Technologies can help by taking on the day-to-day management of the IT infrastructure. There are many components to infrastructure management.  SRC Technologies can help you determine where to start, and how to make the transition.

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Managed Services Checklist

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