Security risks to your IT infrastructure, end-user devices and business data are increasing every day. Traditional methods that rely on simply installing software for detection and blocking at the perimeter are no longer adequate. It's time for a new security model that accepts the guaranteed threat of attack and focuses on a way to address it. You need to start thinking of security in a holistic way that will allow you to continue business while addressing security breaches.

Consider the following approach when putting together a security plan:

  • Reduce - you need comprehensive awareness and visibility of what's on the extended network in order to implement policies and controls to defend it.  This will enable you to reduce the amount of threats your environment will encounter.
  • Survive - Once an intrusion is accomplished, you need to be able to continuously detect malware and block its intent. At the same time, you need to be able to start the restore process if you can't access your systems or data.  Having a plan to do this will help you survive an attack.
  • Examine -  You need to lower the impact of an attack by identifying points of entry, determining the scope, containing the threat, eliminating the risk of re-infection, and remediating. This post examination helps prepare you for future events.


There are many reasons to rethink your security strategy.  Starting with how are you going to design it, how are you going to manage it, how are you going to fund it and how are you going to keep it up to date.  Below are a few common challenges business faces when it comes to security.

  • Controlling end-user devices and exposure to outside networks
  • Network segmentation
  • End-user education
  • Content control within the work environment
  • Controlling threats exposed through email
  • Security response protocols
  • Outdated firewalls
  • Securing branch locations and home offices
  • Finding IT staff with security skills and certifications
  • Securing cloud environments



Our assessment offerings vary in scope and price depending on the level of risk your organization is exposed to. After an initial conversation, we can determine if you need a high-level infrastructure risk assessment or something more extensive that performs vulnerability scans of your environment and conducts a gap analysis.

Back-up and DR:

SRC offers a complete data protection and business continuity solution delivered on one platform, including the technology and managed service. The solution can be deployed on a purpose-built appliance or in a virtualized environment or imaged for use on existing hardware. Business data can be backed up to a local appliance and synchronized to the cloud, which provides geo-redundancy, data integrity, and location-specific sovereignty.

Security Endpoint Management:

Security endpoint management delivers comprehensive management for all your endpoints through a set of robust processes and tools that protect you from vulnerabilities. Services are backed by service-level agreements that will give you confidence that any arising issues will get the attention they need to be resolved as soon as possible.

End-User Training and Phishing:

Our awareness program, offered as a service, provides web-based training along with frequent simulated phishing attacks that work. It includes:

  • Baseline Testing
  • User Training
  • Simulated Phishing
  • Reporting

Managed Security Information Event Management (SIEM):

SRC offers an affordable SIEM option that delivers advanced protection by identifying threats that evade antivirus software and firewalls. This solution is fully managed and includes the service of a highly skilled security operation center, eliminating the need to hire expensive security experts. This solution is designed to deliver 24/7 monitoring and alerting with automated threat remediation. It also includes compliance reports to meet multiple compliance regulations.

Windows Patch Management:

Patching Windows servers is a critical part of IT security. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked or completed without the proper management to make sure it is done right. Our Windows Patch Management service includes everything from software licensing and day-to-day management to scheduled and emergency patching and monthly reporting.

Why SRC:

For organizations looking to improve their data security, SRC Technologies can help by taking on the day-to-day management of securing your technology endpoints. There are many things to consider when attempting to secure your IT environment.  Our security engineers are ready to apply their vast knowledge to help give you peace of mind.

Security Overview Datasheet

Patching Datasheet

End-User Training