The pace of business today requires IT to take a much more active role in realizing business objectives. This is even more true for IT departments that support manufacturing companies.   There are tremendous pressures around 24x7x365 production requirements, globalization, and regulations. Top that with the desire to be innovative, leverage IoT devices and deliver it all in a DevOps model. The big picture can be overwhelming.

Managed Services is tested model to help you efficiently deliver support for your IT infrastructure, while giving you the confidence you need to move forward with the more innovative IT solutions that will give your growing company a competitive edge.

Challenges & Benefits:

In addition to reallocating IT staff for better efficiency, managed services also addresses the following challenges IT faces in many manufacturing organizations:

  • Minimize production line and IT downtime
  • 24x7x365 IT monitoring and notification for both data center and production-line computer systems
  • Increase automation to gain operational efficiencies that lead to reduced customer pricing
  • Increase wireless performance, connectivity for mobile apps on the plant floor
  • Improve data security
  • Perform software and firmware updates
  • Change management and vendor management
  • Trend analysis
  • Capacity planning
  • Support a global vision with dedicated network operations staff


The benefit to resolving these challenges results in streamlined IT department that utilizes a combination of people, tools and processes to deliver success.


  • Infrastructure Management as a Services – Complete management of your IT infrastructure combined as one services
  • Server Management – Monitoring and management of your Windows server environment, on-site or in cloud environments
  • Storage Management – Monitoring and management of your storage environment, on-site or in a cloud environment
  • Network Management – Monitoring and management of all network devices
  • End-Point Security Management and Patching - Management of the security for all of a company’s end-points and patching.
  • Co-Managed Services

Why SRC:

SRC has experience providing IT Infrastructure support for many segments of the manufacturing industry.  We understand the pressures the manufacturers can face and how that pressure is applied to the IT department. We can help you determine where to start, and how to make the transition to innovation.

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Managed Services Checklist

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